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07 February 2006 @ 06:37 pm
A special treat for you guys, straight from the strange world that is my head. Enjoy.

So much love and chocolate to my beta, sohaliatalitha.

Title: Bound
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yrael/Kerrigor
Warnings: one-shot, based on the ending of Sabriel, disregarding the ending of Abhorsen
Disclaimer: No copyright infringment intended, no money being made, blah blah.

And in the reign of the Mad King, after the fall of the Last Abhorsen, you and I were free. You awoke from your slumber and from your feline eyes fell tears at the sight of me in my true form, and soon you were shedding your mortal skin as well. We were so different, you and I. I was there at the beginning; a wild force held captive by man. You began as a man, but slowly evolved into something else. Something greater.

You followed me, in the beginning of the end, whether out of fear or loyalty I couldn’t decide. We spoke without speaking, without words or mouths to make it clear to anyone else.

Go on your own, I told you.

I can’t, you replied.

But why? I asked.

Not without you, was all you said.

We discovered early on that we could take any form we wanted, although the metallic stench would still foul the mouths of any who came upon me. You decided quickly that the form you wished to have was that of man. You chose yourself, in your youth, and I marveled at your royal form and sheer elegant beauty. You smiled at me, testing out your body as you became accustomed to it once more.

It was then that I found the power that comes with beauty.

Soon it was I that began following, shadowing your footsteps in an ironic twist of what used to be. I chose my own human form to be like you, and you smiled, and smiled, innocently accepting what you must have known would happen.

I crept near you while you slept and held you close, for there was always a separation between us that was so wrong to me. I could never get close enough to you.

You woke one night and opened your eyes slowly to see my face leaning close, and there was that smile.

I love you, I whispered.

I hadn’t known that you kept it. All this time, since we became unbounded, that foul collar was with you. Your smile never faltered, even as you slipped it around my neck. As I felt my body mold into that familiar feline shape, I watched you stand and brush off your clothes. Ranna tinkled slightly, and my eyes felt heavy with fatigue and misery.

You have been most useful to me, Mogget, you said. Let’s keep it that way.

You kept walking down the empty road.

I followed.

Toril Moon: supperlugssohaliatalitha on February 9th, 2006 12:57 pm (UTC)
I actually came to thankyou for the chocolate, as you already know that I adore this *huggles*! Anyway, theres nothing wrong with renewing praise. I'm now going to go and shout at various other people - keep up the good work!