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26 September 2005 @ 07:29 pm
Hey guys. Doodled Nick for you today when I was bored. Please be gentle, the last time I did any sort of structured art was in the seventh grade. AKA this is a doodle. Oh poo, I know you guys won't be mean about it, haha.

Teenage Nicholas Sayre!Collapse )
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20 September 2005 @ 09:08 pm
Hello, everyone. Whole is now up to be recced at Old Kingdom Slash! Hoorah!

Also, in big Somersby news, I have finally finished my complete fic notes (I like to do them before every fic) and the prologue. Now, this is a WIP because I'm still working out all of the canon details, but I hope to write a few more chapters in the next couple of days. The question is:


If either (or both!) of you would like to help, comment here and I will grovel at your feet/send you it in an email. Thanks!
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19 September 2005 @ 12:37 am
im getting a little worried that this community ahs precisely three people. I beg of you, inform the masses!!! Also, excuse me if I seem to be posting less - major exams comming up this year, and i have to study like.... 12 hours a day... gah! I have no time to post. Nearly finnished touch. I was rather worried it almost turned out smutty, but I don't think that would be the best idea...... It's still not really going how i want it too, but its a little less lame now.
08 September 2005 @ 10:13 pm
Hello guys, just a quick announcement/question/thing.

Doing my part to increase our fandom, I'm creating an Old Kingdom Slash fic/art rec page. I'm not going to get my own domain or anything since the fandom itself is so small, but I still would like to get a significant amount on there. I'm working on the layout now and I'll post the link once it's up, but I was wondering (and groveling) if you guys had anything you'd like to submit. Other than that I'm going to scrounge FF.net and beg those authors, too.

Also since I'm mainly doing this as a side project to add to this community/CATS/fandom, I want to affiliate the site with this, the Somersby Library, blah blah blah. I'll ask more questions once I've got the site up and running, but for now I'm just looking for submissions from you guys. Please? I need things to rec to actually have a rec site =P


EDIT: Whoo! Got it up. It's not very much to look at, but the point is, it's up. You can get to it here.

As you can see when you go there, the fic/art rec pages are EMPTY, so PLEASE let me know if you guys have anything you want up there!XD

Also, the affiliates page is sadly empty. I'd like to affiliate with this comm along with the CATS website, so this is me asking you guys first. =)
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04 September 2005 @ 03:35 am
Hi minna! I've put some pics up on my lj - theres one of Touchstone, and one of Astarael. No slash - sorry. They're not great, but oh well. i don't like his hair at all, but i supose that as a first draft it's a start. I want him to have freckles....
01 September 2005 @ 12:02 am
Here's a link to another abhorsen community. we must defeuse our evil slashfullness amongst the innocent there..... and anyway, its bigger than ninthgate.


I was wondering about some sevear tactics... a chain letter. you know "visit this site" or "read abhorsen" or "if you have no idea what this is about then send it on anyway"

hmmm.... what do you think?
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31 August 2005 @ 06:11 pm
-runs in waving Slash banner- I'm here!!!! BOOOOOOOOOYAH!!!!!!!! -dies of joy-
31 August 2005 @ 01:46 pm
Okay, I've made:

2xIcons (plus the base)

under here!Collapse )
31 August 2005 @ 05:00 pm
hello, fellow slashies. here is a link to the CATS! website, if you're at all interested. - thats th Community for Abhorsen Trilogy Slash.

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29 August 2005 @ 10:00 pm
Just to let anyone reading this know, I've created a C2 community on FF.net for slash fics. theres only one other c2 there, and its called the Somersby Library. Slash away my friends.